Pre-Tournament Party

Friday, July 19, 2019, 7 p.m - ?

at All Star Sports Bar & Grill

6302 Robinson Towne Center


Come meet your teammates and get your jersey!

We are sold out! If you would like to find another way to support Pete and his family, please check out our auction site (link below) where you can bid on many amazing items or simply donate to the cause.

Thank you.

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The Pete Thompson classic


Welcome to the official home page of the First Annual Pete Thompson Classic hockey tournament. Pete is battling ALS and the Pittsburgh hockey community is rallying to support him and his family. We hope you are able to join us for a lot of fun for a great cause.

The tournament will take place at RMU Island Sports Center, Neville Island

The schedule is as follows, with more details to come:


  • Friday, July 19 - All Star Sports Bar and Grill, 7 p.m. - Robinson Twp

  • Saturday, July 20 - All Round Robin Games plus Semi-Finals

  • Sunday, July 21 - Championship game, 8:00 am

2019 Pete Thompson Classic 

Blue Moons 
Costantino, Kevin - g
Tindall, Jeff - f
Woodland, Ray - f
Thomas, Joel - f
Hredzak, Joe - f

Evans, Morgan - f

Engel, Sean - f
Smith, Roger - f
Feth, Gary - f
Sharkey, Bob - f
Hagbo, Casey - d
Durbin, Ken © - d
Zemel, Mitch - d
Snyder, Dan - d
Golden Pilsners 
Barto, Dwayne - g
Ronk, Rob - f
Pasquina, Mario - f
Homes, Kyle - f
Heisberg, Kurtis - f
Ruggiero, Ralph - f
Provil, Ben - f
Holmes, Andy (c) - f
Fitzgerald, Kelly - f
Jones, Mike - f
Uddstrom, Norm - d
Brandenstein, Ed - d
Ford, Scot - d
Bustamante, Jeremy - d
Silver Bulllets 
Van Vliet, Steve - g
Biel, Eric - f
Trevail, Bob - f
Kaczorowski, Todd - f
Schmid, Joe - f
Cerqua, Neal - f
Arnone, Jay - f
Gatt, Rob - f
Shefcheck, Brian - f
Lu, Amy - f
Hill, Scott - d
Powell, Todd (c) - d
McGaughey, Alan - d
Mooney, Cris - d
Green Heinies 
Werner, Jesse - g
Schweinberg, Tim - f
Adair, David © - f
Cardonick, Jordan - f
Stasik, Frank - f
McNaughton, Rob - f
Pegnato, Susan - f
Birkenfeld, glenn - f
Jak, Matt - f
Ober, Christina - f
Mirich, Jason - d
Keul, Darin - d
Lutka, Teresa - d
Bott, Thomas - d
Bubble Geisters 
Markovic, Lou - g
Gerber, Noah - f
Felton, Shaun - f
Kelly, Sean - f
Botticello, Mark - f
Buzza, Dan © - f
McConnell, Jeff - f
Swartz, Mike - f
Shenk, Barry - f
Smolinski,Greg - f
Kelly, Larry - d
Albertini, Rob - d
Swanson, Eric - d
Cessna, Michael - d
Pale Whales 
Repak, Matt - g
Kramer, Ryan - f
Brown, Jason - f
Derr, Gabe - f
McCluskey, Kevin - f
Silberman, Pete - f
Faeth, Steve - f
Smith, Christopher - f
Cross, Scott - f
McMeans, Kelly - f
King, Dave - d
Rossi, Mark - d
Gerstel, Al © - d
Shanholz, Dave - d

c = team captain