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The 2021 Pete Thompson classic

These incredible companies and people donated all of their sponsorship dollars to the Thompson family in 2020.

Thank them when you see them!


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RMU Iron Lung Rules

No Checking

Fighting = Immediate ejection from tournament, no refund

Major penalty = One game suspension

Format: Six Teams, 3 Game guarantee

Four teams with most points advance to the playoff round

Win = 2 pts; Tie = 1 pt

Tiebreakers: (1) Most wins; (2) Lowest total goals against; (3) Number of shutouts; (4) lowest number of penalty minutes; (5) Captains Rock-Paper-Scissors, best of three.

Playoff games: Shootout if tied after regulation; 

Holmes Rule: No roster substitutions except goalie as approved by tournament organizers 

Gerstel Rule: No whining about rosters until after at least two games

Thank you to our 2020 sponsors! 

  • Rob Albertini
  • Dennis Beaulieu, Sr.
  • ​Glenn Birkenfeld
  • Dan Buzza
  • Shane Casperson
  • ​Tim Fryer
  • Al Gerstel
  • Steve Guest
  • Larry Kelly
  • Scott Meiers
  • ​John Mesko
  • Jason Mirich
  • Dana Philips
  • Barry Shenck
  • Tim Smith
  • Mark Speedy
  • John Tosatto