When Reggie Hatcher decided to chase his dreams by launching his own literary agency, he expected to spend his days wooing prospective clients and his nights wooing the lovely Meghan James. His chance encounter with a troubled, yet brilliant, writer in the park appears to offer a golden opportunity for the struggling agent.

Reggie quickly realizes that the spiral-bound notebooks of Jerry Travers, far from being the scribbling of a madman, contain the plot of a riveting murder mystery. Anxious to make a name for himself and his agency, he signs a contract with Jerry’s violently unstable caretaker, Rita Miserly.

As Reggie struggles to convert Jerry’s rambling thoughts into a coherent novel, he also must juggle Rita’s increasing demands and outbursts – and the strain these challenges place on his floundering relationship with Meghan.

Events in his professional and personal life continue to spiral out of control, confronting Reggie with a series of decisions with no good choices…until a pivotal night when he is forced to choose between his past and his future, his dreams and his love.

"A remarkable narrative." - Portland Book Review